Email Marketing

Email Marketing at some point in time was very vital and everyone got it wrong. No customisation and a generic message being conveyed to everyone, lack of tracking made email marketing no so effective.  Companies included this in their marketing mix just to be sure they are present in all the channels. Buy/gather data, buy a subscription and BOOM! Blast those emails and pray someone responds. This very approach made email marketing very inactive. Explore various email marketing platforms with a lot of customisation, tracking and setting up custom workflows. Become an email Marketing expert.

INR 20,000 Complete Digital Marketing

6 Weeks

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Introduction
    • What is email Marketing?
    • How has email changed over years?
    • Email Marketing versus other channels
    • Challenges with email marketing
  • What is:
    • email blast
    • email list
    • opt in versus opt out lists
    • Open rate
    • click through rate
  • Working with email lists
    • Email Lists
    • Gathering email lists
    • Creating effective email lists
    • Purchased List Vs Compiled List
  • Email Marketing – Reporting
    • Email Marketing – A/B Testing
    • Measuring email marketing efforts
    • Email Marketing reports
  • Email Marketing Integration
    • Scheduling emailers
    • Integrating emailers
    • Social Networks and emailers
    • Marketing Automation

We never set out to become a Digital Marketing training company. It all started when a bunch of students approaches us to learn a few things about Digital Marketing where they were stuck while launching their startup. We obliged. They continued visiting us whenever they were stuck and we successfully helped them to launch their platform successfully on all Digital Channels.

Impressed by the level of detail and our approach towards enabling people to be self sufficient in Digital Marketing, people slowly formed groups and started approaching us. That’s how Digital Outright is born.

Our approach hasn’t changed ever. We train people as if we are helping them to launch their own companies. They become proficient in each Digital Marketing discipline: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics or any Digital Marketing Discipline.

A completely practical oriented approach, coupled with great analogies and case studies empowers participants to become a pro when it comes to being an awesome Digital Marketing Professional.

This is what you can expect from the training program:

Practical Assignments
Custom Made material
Google Certification assistance
Resume Preparation and profile enhancement
Interview Preparation
Placement Assistance
Post training certificate