Search Engine Marketing

This is different from SEO but a very very widely reliable channel of advertising from small to medium to giant corporations. Advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter has become an expensive and a very competitive affair. One thing that you can’t afford to miss: “With no Practical learning and no strategising techniques, there is no point of learning SEM and companies don’t need you.” One of the reasons we emphasize and lay more focus on Practical based learning.

INR 20,000 Complete Digital Marketing

6 Weeks

Search Fundamentals Review

  • Organizing campaigns and ads in your account
  • Using keyword matching options
  • Using broad match
  • Using broad match modifier
  • Account, campaign and ad group performance
  • Understanding ad position and Ad Rank
  • Actual cost-per-click (CPC)

Ad Formats

  • Ad Formats
    • Text ad
    • What makes up a text ad
    • Tips for creating successful text ads
    • About Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads
    • Using Dynamic Search Ads
  • Ad Extensions
    • Enhance your ad with extensions
    • Show local business info with location extensions
    • About Google my business
    • Add phone numbers to your ads
    • Understanding your seller ratings
    • Display additional sitelinks below your ad text

Ad & Site Quality

  • Check and understand Quality Score
  • Understanding landing page experience
  • Create an effective mobile site
  • About invalid traffic

AdWords Tools

  • Overview of AdWords Tools
  • See your account history
  • Keyword Tools
    • Add negative keywords to your campaign
  • Targeting Tools
    • Target ads to geographic locations
    • How ads are matched to geographic locations
    • Excluding IP addresses
  • Bidding and Budgets Tools
    • Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)
    • About Conversion Optimizer
    • Set up Conversion Optimizer
    • Troubleshooting for Conversion Optimizer
    • Using automatic bidding
    • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding
    • Finding your first ads
  • About AdWords Editor

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Introduction to AdWords Reporting
    • Introduction to AdWords Reports
    • Explore your data on the Campaigns tab
    • Customize your performance data
    • Use columns to find specific performance data
    • Create, save and schedule reports
    • Find, edit or remove reports
  • Interpreting AdWords Reports
    • Evaluate ad performance on the search network
    • Attribution reports and conversion data
    • Measure keyword performance on the Search Network
    • Measuring reach and frequency
    • Measuring geographic performance
    • Measuring and comparing performance by periods of time
  • Additional Performance Insights
    • Using Auction insights to compare performance
    • Using the Home tab to track your performance
    • Using labels in AdWords
    • Use segments to view performance data
    • Understanding the Search terms report
    • Measure ad extensions performance

Optimizing Performance

  • The Opportunities tab
  • Campaign Experiments
    • About campaign experiments
    • Set up experiments
    • Monitoring your experiments
  • Using custom ad scheduling
  • Using keyword insertion
  • Get ideas to improve your account

Performance, Profitability and Growth

  • Budget Growth
    • Understand budget impact on profit
    • Scaling budget by performance
    • Growing a profitable campaign
    • Growth in practice
    • Improve performance when daily budget is depleted
  • Bidding for Performance
    • Learn the basics of performance-based bidding
    • Selecting metrics to maximize profit
  • Profitability and Lifetime Value
    • Achieving profitability
    • How to estimate conversion value

AdWords API

  • AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Benefits and languages

We never set out to become a Digital Marketing training company. It all started when a bunch of students approaches us to learn a few things about Digital Marketing where they were stuck while launching their startup. We obliged. They continued visiting us whenever they were stuck and we successfully helped them to launch their platform successfully on all Digital Channels.

Impressed by the level of detail and our approach towards enabling people to be self sufficient in Digital Marketing, people slowly formed groups and started approaching us. That’s how Digital Outright is born.

Our approach hasn’t changed ever. We provide Google Ad Words Training in Hyderabad as if we are helping them to launch their own companies. They become proficient in each Digital Marketing discipline: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics or any Digital Marketing Discipline.

A completely practical oriented approach, coupled with great analogies and case studies empowers participants to become a pro when it comes to being an awesome Digital Marketing Professional.

This is what you can expect from the training program:

Practical Assignments
Custom Made material
Google Certification assistance
Resume Preparation and profile enhancement
Interview Preparation
Placement Assistance
Post training certificate